Arsenal director Josh Kroenke has assured that the club will “be proactive again” in the January transfer window.

Kroenke says that the club’s humbling at the hands of Chelsea in the Europa League final instructed a change of plans for the summer.

The Gunners made almost £140m worth of signings as a result, and Kroenke has promised that they will “be proactive again” come the winter.

“The transfer market is an evolving, living, breathing thing. We identified key targets, worked on those deals and over time we were able to execute them,” Kroenke told BBC Sport.

“That’s hopefully a sign of encouragement for Arsenal fans that, when we’re out in the market place, you might never know what we’re thinking and you could be surprised by some of the names that come up.

“As for January, I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We’ve got to evaluate some things in the short term and figure out where we might need to address going forward, so when January does roll around we’re going to be proactive again.”

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