Croatian Footballer Kills Chicken And Is Sent Off In Bizarre Outburst

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Croatian footballer Ivan Gazdek was bizarrely sent off for kicking a chicken to death and then hurling the body off the pitch.

Chickens had ran onto the pitch during the game between NK Jelengrad & Jasenovac in a semi-professional match on Saturday afternoon.

Video shows that the 23-year-old reached boiling point and chased the chickens down before kicking a ginger coloured one which immediately drops to the turf.

Gazdek kicks the chicken. (Image Credit: PA)
Gazdek kicks the chicken. (Image Credit: PA)

You can check out the bizarre video below.

The hens flooded the pitch while Jelengrad were 2-1 up and the disturbance to the game caused the violent reaction from Gazdek.

He picks up the body and then tries to throw it over the fence to continue with the game.

Gazdek tries to throw the chicken over the fence.
Gazdek tries to throw the chicken over the fence.

But little did Gazdek know that would be the end of his game and he’d be going for an early bath.

Speaking to local news website 24 Sata, Gazdek revealed that the referee gave him his marching orders and sent him off for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’.

“Believe me, it was not intentional. The result was far from certain at that moment and I was nervous.

“Chickens are constantly entering the field, so the game must be stopped. The terrain is full of faeces, these are unhygienic conditions.

Gazdek gives chase to the chickens.
Gazdek gives chase to the chickens.

“I ran to the chickens a little to chase them away, I swung my foot and killed one by accident, f*** it.”

The player also reassured us all that he does not hate animals and that he has owned a variety of pets throughout his life, including a parrot which recently passed away.

He did manage to spare a thought for the woman who owned the dearly departed chicken.

Gazdek throws the chicken over at the second attempt.
Gazdek throws the chicken over at the second attempt.

Following the game, he wrote a note of apology and also bought her a new chicken to replace the one he had taken away from her.

Despite the red card, Gazdek’s NK Jelengrad side managed to go on and win the game via a very comfortable 8-1 scoreline.

A club spokesman said after the game that they did not discuss the incident and that they decided to just celebrate their victory.

“We ate goulash and enjoyed ourselves.”

It’s probably something that should be discussed as it is still a form of animal cruelty.

But it is hard to think about how you would approach such a bizarre subject.

Featured Image Credit: 24 Sata

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