Neil Lennon claimed he was still playing football Brendan Rodgers way to see out the remainder of last season while trying to bring back some more trophies to Paradise. And his tactic worked, Celtic secured their third treble in a row.

Lennon has promised a more direct style of play for the forthcoming season and one tactic Celtic fans will be glad to see the back of is their goalkeeper playing heart attack football around their own box.

Celtic were caught at Ibrox last December when Craig Gordon insisted on playing short passes around his box to terrified looking defenders. Scott Bain has told Football Scotland that Lennon is looking to change this type of play with his goalkeepers. Bain explained to Football Scotland his and fellow goalkeepers instructions.

“My role has changed slightly under the manager. We’ve tried to look a bit longer in terms of distribution and not invite so much pressure on us.

“We’re still finding our feet but the games have been good for me because I knew what my new role would be.

“I can look into the second and third lines, longer passes, that take the pressure off the boys and get them playing further up the pitch. That’s another aspect of the game I enjoy.”

Rodgers style of play around the back was suitable against a certain team and when you’re up by a few goals. The idea of inviting pressure on to your backline did not make for easy viewing at times. Even a club like Barcelona gets caught with this kind of risky football.

Celtic fans will be glad to know they do not have to have their hearts in their mouths as much this season.

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